So I went and got myself married…


Jeff, the photographer, has uploaded his pictures, you can see them all here. Rachel and I can not thank him enough for the amazing job he did capturing our special day.



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… to the hottest broad on the eastern seaboard.

The circumstances that made us decide to wait to marry changed so that it made more sense for us to marry sooner, much to my delight. The decision came down like this (so romantic)…

February 28th 19:15, my car “I am not gonna let outside forces decide what I do and when, fuck them, we are getting married.”

From there we picked the first next weekend we had Brianna, and it was decided, March 10th, 2007 we would be wed. Inside 10 days we put together a wedding, JP, Flowers, Cake, the whole bit. Rachel and her friends were amazing getting everything organized.

I got my two demands, the cake from Konditor Meister and my outfit a kilt. The kilt I found through the website of the British Consulate. They sent the right kilt, but wrong size accessories. I had to jury rig the sporran with my dog’s choker collar. Hence, no mention for them. The cake was incredible, I can not say enough about how good it was.

I stayed at Mom’s the night before the wedding. The ceremony started at 4:00 and lasted about 20 minutes. It was a very small affair, about 20 people altogether. The rabbi/JP was wonderful, giving Rachel the required Hebrew blessings, and letting me stomp on some glass. The best part was at the end when he lead us in a raucous singing of The Wild Rover. Most strangedly, I sang the chorus along with kinyahbruthah and the Irish contingent. Shannon did not disappoint, showing up 10 minutes late dressed like a triple A hockey player from the 70’s.

After the ceremony we had an open house, which we invited everyone we knew. Apparently, we know a shit load of people. So many of our friends and family came, we are truly blessed. The idea was people would come in and out, but at one point around 7:30 the house was packed so you could not move. There must have been about 100 people in the house at once.

One nice thing was people could bring their kids. It was so nice to see the children, but they all stayed downstairs in the daycare, so it was still an “adult” party upstairs. Only one couple actually scummed up enough to leave their child at the party and go out to dinner.

I was very happy to have so many of my work friends come, we have a great time in and out of the office. We actually had 2 Vice Presidents from my company there, and they had a great time.

Given it was 10 days from decision to fruition, we had no expectations of people coming. And given it was an open house, we really did not expect much in the way of gifts. However, people were very generous, so much so it is embarrassing. While thank you cards may seem to be a chore, they can not express enough our gratitude. The best gift though was the wonderful time we had celebrating with all our friends. Crowded as it may have been at times, everyone had a great time. It was way more fun, and much more our style having it at home rather than a traditional wedding.

Also – I am one fat sweaty bastard. I had a sweat mop with me the whole night, save when Queen Colleen and Kin Yah Bruthah conspired against me during the ceremony. Feel free to comment on it.

“I sweat when I eat”
– Andy Sipowitcz

The full picture set can be found here on Flickr. Below (on the main page, here otherwise) are some of the highlights with my commentary. Mind you, this is the KinYahBrutha collection. My work wife Flo’s husband Jeff insisted on shooting the wedding for us as a gift. He is by far one the best wedding photographers in Boston, check out his work here. If you have a special occasion coming up, seriously consider using him. As we get more pictures from everyone, we will add them to this set.

And again, to all of you who joined us (and those of you who couldn’t), we thank you for your love and support.

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