So I Went and got Myself Married…

Read all about it here – see all the pictures here.

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~ by kinshay on 2007-03-11.

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  1. Best part was Sean crying.

  2. JDY – Your chick is awse! Way outta your league.

  3. \”/ “yatta!!!”

  4. Let’s see some pics of said chick – for research purposes only, of course.

    Now that you’re married, are you no longer teh ghey?

  5. For research only –

  6. You’re right. Thanks for letting her know. She just dumped my fug ass.

  7. She’s totally not hot. Lemme get her digits so I can let her know how I feel about her ill treatment of you.

  8. I’ll have Shay send the digits to your wife for you. Cool?

  9. Drat! Foiled again!

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