six nations

ireland. wales. scotland. france. italy. england.

every year these rivals compete in the six nations rugby tournament. here are some thoughts about the three weekends played thus far without actually giving results (some people haven’t actually seen the matches yet).

1. katherine jenkins is the welsh international side’s semi-official mascot. she is an opera star (mezzo soprano) who sings the welsh national anthem (“Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau”) before the match. she would also get touched with the quickness. homegirl is a little on the short side, and has potential to beef out, but hoofah-desnay. she’s really the only thing wales rugby has going right now.
2. sebastien chabal defies the laws of nature. granted he is a large, tough man, but there is no way on g_d’s green earth that a creature should support that disproportionately large a head. from the front, it looks like a normal big head (i know b/c i see one in the mirror every morning). when you walk around the side of his noggin, it’s like going from the front to the side of a short bus. there aren’t any actual photos of his melon from the side. what photographer brings a panoramic camera to a rugby match??
chabal is a vicious, savage gaul. for a garlic sniper, i like him. if only france had been loaded with bastards like him during wwii….

3. BOD (or brian o’driscoll) is not the tallest, not the fastest, and not the strongest player on the pitch. but, without question, he is the larry bird of irish rugby. he may be the best outside center in the world. they suffer greatly when he’s not playing. he’s about as tough as they come, dishing out crushing tackles to much larger men. he always seems to be in the right place at the right time.

peter stringer is his dennis johnson. and he’s a little shit. i love him.

well, two more weekends of play, including three matches on “super saturday”, paddy’s day (march 17th for you heathens).

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  1. Katie is a mad hottie. It’s, not .com, ye jagoff.

  2. .com works for me you hahd-on.

    i meant to insert a joke about coming over the top of the ruck, but i didn’t.

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