I love my portable media device, as the radio sucks dogscrote, and I like to be entertained during my commute. Having gone through the entire Ricky Gervais collection 3 (yes 3) times, I need more stuff. I love me some Howie Cahh, dig on The Onion Radio News, and tolerate the Lost podcast, but I’ve had bad luck elsewhere.

I admit that I like Grey’s Anatomy, but the podcast is such a self-congratulatory bit of tripe that makes me question why I even like the show. If I got a dollar every time those fuckers use the word “like” without a metaphor being involved or an indication of the preference for something, then I’d be a rich beyotch. Never mind the misuse of the word “literally” at least 4-5 times/episode: that makes me head asplode. I used to like Jay Severin on the Boston radio, but his podcast makes me want to stab someone with a pen. Mostly him, but anyone who is handy should be scared. Scrubs is hit or miss. Mostly miss.

Any other suggestions? Howie only occupies 20 minutes or so a day, and I have 60 minutes o’ driving. N’imean?

~ by kinshay on 2007-02-26.

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  1. Penn Jillette is good for 45 minutes a day:


    There may also be some torrent sites for Howie or O&A fans…. Not that I would know where they are.

  2. Ditto on Penn, love his podcast. It’s free (and legal ;-)) and commercial-free to boot.

    Kevin Smith’s new “smodcast” is good, completely NSFW though.

    For talk I also enjoy diggnation (tech news delivered by drunk guys), Keith Olbermann’s podcast (too short though) and NPR’s On the Media (I like it I don’t care what you guys say).

    For music, the CBC Radio 3 podcast plays excellent Canadian indie rock and stuff. I could go on and on but I won’t. I’ve got 50 podcasts I subscribe to – had to do something about the huge gap in my morning audio and O&A definitely didn’t do it for me.

  3. Aw man :-(((((

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