well, our basement is being refinished or remodeled. whichever one means “creating four rooms out of raw space”. i’ll be putting up some pics this week.
it’s going to be pretty cool, adding more than 700 sq. ft. to our living area. the added rooms will be a tv/living room, a kid’s playroom, exercise room and computer room. tons of storage/closet space and eventually, a bar. a really cool bar. with a kegerator. and maybe a margarita machine.

when it’s finished, you’re all invited over to watch a big tv and have adult beverages.

~ by kinshay on 2007-02-13.

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  1. Get the Island Oasis machine. It may be a staple at Chili’s and Joe’s American Bar and Grill, but it makes one hell of a frozen beverage.

  2. Useless without pictures, you jagoff.

  3. If you’re calling me a jagoff, I can understand. I need to take 5 minutes to figure out how to create hyperlinks in the comment fields. But, now isn’t the time for that.

  4. he’s actually calling me a jagoff, ‘cuz i ain’t got no pics yet…. yet.

  5. On Bourbon St. in New Orleans they have (had?) shops with 6 different flavors sloshing around side by side, all alcoholic, then you can mix flavors…mmmmmmm. A few thousand dollars well spent, no?

    But yecch, am I the only one grossed out at the thought of frozen Bloody Marys?

  6. Ugghh. I almost wish he was calling me the jagoff. This is the trouble with me being so self-centered.

  7. jagoff

  8. I deserved that. Thanks.

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