Religious Ethics

From Popular Mechanics:

It sounds like a sci-fi nightmare: giant sheets of grayish meat grown on factory racks for human consumption. But it’s for real. Using pig stem cells, scientists have been growing lab meat for years, and it could be hitting deli counters sooner than you think…

Today, scientists funded by companies such as Stegeman, a Dutch sausage giant, are fine-tuning the process. It takes just two weeks to turn pig stem cells, or myoblasts, into muscle fibers. “It’s a scalable process,” says Jason Matheny of New Harvest, a meat substitute research group. “It would take the same amount of time to make a kilogram or a ton of meat.”…

Lab-grown meat isn’t an easy sell, but there could be benefits. Designer meat would theoretically be free of hormones, antibiotics, and the threat of mad cow disease or bird flu… meat-processing companies hope to start selling affordable factory-grown pork in under a decade. Bon appétit.

So here’s the $64,000,000 question: Is it Kosher?  Rabbinical students: discuss.

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  1. Not kosher, it is pork when all is said and done, the original cells are from the proscribed pig, and the instruments and panels used to make it are also contaminated by those original cells, no matter what is considered after. The whole plant would be non-kosher.

  2. But isn’t kasherite law based on pigs being unclean animals? If the animal is taken away from the process of producing meat, would it remain unclean?

  3. The pig is not removed from the process. Its cells must be harvested to set the wheel in motion. Those cells would the basis of the sustaining meat. And I believe this would make it unclean.
    From Wikipedia: Leviticus 11:8 commands the Jews that, “of their flesh you shall not eat, and of their carcass you shall not touch.”

  4. hmm but wait, maybe it would be if the cells were harvested from a living pig……. I don’t know now, this warrants more research.

  5. That’s the beauty of the question! I’m not even going to get into whether it is Halal…

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