A First

I am giving props to something Canadian.

Little Mosque on the Prairie is a Canadian sitcom about a group of Muslims who open a mosque in rural(ish) Canada.  It’s frigging yularious.  I’ve only seen the pilot, but it was awesome and well worth acquiring by whatever means necessary.

You may recognize the paterfamilias as Chloe‘s current boyfriend on 24.  Mad respec.

No shit, give it a shot and you’ll probably like it.

~ by kinshay on 2007-02-01.

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  1. Why I LOVE fios:

    9:01 Read post
    9:02 Logged into Demonoid
    9:03 Downloaded torrents for e1-3
    9:33 All shows 100% downloaded
    9:36 Reached 1:1 ratio on all shows, continuing uploading to 4.5:1

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