plans for 2007

1. i will break the 290 barrier in my thursday night shooting league.

2.  i will lessen my swearing by incorporating BSG’s “frak” into my vocabulary. other words that will become common parlance with me: ropy (RG) shiny, gor’ram, (firefly), and gunna (dark tower).

3. gunna will be an important word, because, in the second quarter this year, i will create a deer (or elk, moose) skin bag, loosely base on this DIY messenger bag. it will have less gunk and a middle padded section for a laptop. plus neat little bone/claw buttons.

4. i have learned 5 new songs on the guitar. more to follow. the goal is to have 60 songs by my birthday.

5. will have a crackin’ new matsuzaka shirt, we will advertise and ship to japan. also, potential wakefield and youkilis attire. keep your eyes peeled.

peace out homeys.

~ by kinshay on 2007-01-25.

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  1. Here is a song we should all learn. Here’s another suggestion.

    I recommend using “Firetruck” in addition to frak to cover up the f-bomb. I stole it from the character of Normal from Dark Angel.

    Sorry to say it, but that messenger bag is totally the ghey, even if it is made from animal pahts.

  2. already know serenity (incl the intro)

    sell that msgr bag noise to jack bauer. HA !! plus, it’s not a messenger bag. it’s my gunna. see, gunna !!!

  3. Okay. That gunna is tres gay.

  4. That DIY bag is f’in awesome. I am willing to bet that the beast bag will look much cooler than the butcher paper bag used in the photo. Please keep your ball bag references to yourself, thanks.

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