Hold Me Back, Now

I like to go to Snopes.com, so I can quickly shut down rumors and chain mails that even soldiers like to send one another. I think urban legends are relatively easy to pick up on, but I like to have something to reference so people know it isn’t just me talking out me ass.

Imagine my surprise when I saw this.

Go ahead and read it. I can’t figure out how to cut and paste Snopes text.

It has all the hallmarks of bullshit. A patriotic young soldier gets slagged off by someone for no reason. Said someone trivializes his service, metaphorically spitting on his uniform. Usually, it’s a little Indian fella running a 7-11, and the poor bastard gets mistaken for a terrorist sympathizer or something.

The only thing is: Snopes says it’s true.

God damn, I want to throw something. Since I have decided to live a non-violent life when not confronted with something requiring violence, I used my rapier wit instead. An e-mail from me to the company you read about when you clicked the link (you’ll be seriously confused if you haven’t clicked yet):

SUBJECT: Possible Order

FROM: Kinshane

TO: Them

Do you ship to Afghanistan? I got back from there recently and was wondering if I could maybe send a mat or two to some buddies of mine. Alternately, they could be “sensible”, then “pull out” and leave millions of brave Afghans to be subjugated under a resurgent Taliban. I’m just checking, because I know you don’t ship to Iraq and I didn’t know if there was a difference.

I know, I know: 2 years is not “recent”. Gimme a break. I have dain bramage.

I am awaiting a response.

~ by kinshay on 2007-01-23.

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  2. I feel bad for the VP, handling this kind of shit storm with the name Sajid Nasir.

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