Mos Real, Fo Sho

Mos Def dropped a new disc on us a week ago, and I found out by accident today.  I bought it soon after learning of its existence, and am very happy with said purchase.  Following my disappointment at Jay-Z’s new joint (aside from a collaboration with Chris Martin, from Coldplay), I was excited as shit to have a new CD to listen to.  That’s right: I paid cash money for a hard plastic thing, with teh internats not being involved in any way.

Check out Mos Def True Magic.  It’s the one in a clear plastic case with no label, insert, or bullshit involved.

~ by kinshay on 2007-01-11.

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  1. You know how I know you’re gay? You like Coldplay.

  2. Didn’t he talk shit about capitalism as well? I’ll happily steal his shit, then give it away to high school girls.

  3. Yeah, Mos is a moo-slim, somewhat socialist, spiteful Bush-hater, who thinks the “President he ‘bout that cash” and Katrina was “a policy for handlin’ the niggas and the trash”. I don’t care. I bought his shit so continued sales will keep him on the mic. His acting career is good enough that he doesn’t have to rap anymore if he doesn’t want to. If he gets some good scrilla for spitting rhymes, maybe he’ll keep doing it. Kinda like how I do it for Ricky and his for-pay podcasts.

  4. “Didn’t he talk shit about capitalism as well?”

    Chris Martin you twit –

  5. My Chris Martin reference was from the series of Extras that has yet to air on US TV. “It’s only Chris Martin from Coldplay. Chris, what are you doing here at a factory in Wigan? That’s mental“.

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