Being Judgmental

So I just watched Blog Wars on Sundance.  I don’t want to get all libelous and shit, but I’d bet hard cash that that Kos cat from Daily Kos is a bender.  There is no way this guy isn’t a poofter*.  Anyone else see it?  The mannerisms, the voice, the way he looks at people…it reminds me of the play director from Extras.

To keep it fair and balanced, the guy from LGF is fat and old.  I expected a 20-something hipster due to his juvenile arguments and text.

* Yeah, he’s married with a kid.  So was Bunny from Extras.  He is a BU Law grad and Army veteran, so props to him there.  It doesn’t mean he isn’t into dudes.

~ by kinshay on 2006-12-29.

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