Birthday Present

Here’s the birthday present, from me to me. It’s quite lovely, really. When I saw that Hahley was making a bike in flat black, how could I resist?

6 speeds. 96 cubic inches of air-cooled power. Flat black. Oh, it would be perfect if it didn’t shit the bed after I put the first 75 miles on it, requiring me to bring it to the dealer for servicing.

~ by kinshay on 2006-12-27.

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  1. oooh that is very very pretty. if you like, i can tell you where i got my glittery pink helmet. i think it would be fabulous with that bike.

  2. you say it’s ya birthday !!!!!

    ooooh TA, you said pink helmet !!!

  3. That is one helluva good looking bike Shane. Pity ’bout its shitting the bed!
    What happened? And happy birthday by the way you old bastahd!

  4. Some MAP sensor that tells the EFI how much fuel/air/etc. to use. When it started bucking like a bronco and coughing, I had ill memories of when my shovelhead’s carb got out of whack, so I knew it was something along those lines. Not that I know what the frig a “MAP sensor” is.

  5. MAP Sensor == Mass Airflow Pressure Sensor

    Basically it measures the amount of air that flows though a fixed shape (the ones I’ve worked with on cars are ovals/cylinders), which an ECU uses to determine how much fuel to add to the spark to keep the cylinders firing. They are usually located practically inline with the air filter since they are essentially measuring how much air is flowing through to the intake manifold. As air pressure increases, the sensor returns a higher voltage back to whatever is using it.

    Granted I’ve only worked with them on turbocharged cars, but that’s my experience with them. Give me a carburetor and I’m lost, but I can actually deal with fuel injection and all of the other modern stuff.

  6. Oh, and before I got all geeked out, I was going to say nice bike– I love the flat black look as well.

  7. Dammit. I just realized I mixed-up the MAF and MAP (airflow vs. air pressure). Actually a pressure sensor is located somewhere on the intake or intake manifold, and measures the pressure of the air in the intake rather than the airflow at the front of an intake like a MAF does. That said, MAP’s are superior to airflow sensors for performance because they don’t really create a noticeable restriction. I actually converted a project car from using a MAF to using a MAP.

    And now I feel like I’m rambling like a crazy person. 😉

  8. No rambling involved. That’s good shit. I figured it had to have something to do with the air/fuel mixture due to past bad experience with carbs (per my above comment). Flat black is the shit. I loved it on rat rods and always wondered why you couldn’t do it on a motorcycle. Apparently, a bunch of other people wondered the same thing and couldn’t think of a reason not to, so lots of folks have’m now.

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