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1. no one should make a sex tape. especially celebs, but normal folks as well. normal folks who make sex tapes can wind up with fifteen minutes of fame for which they have not bargained. that being said, celebrities should also wear underwear. especially britney spears. i guess not having a sex tape wasn’t building the interest necessary to jump start the career. solution: get out the hey-nanny-nanny for the boyos.

snarky suggestions: cover make-up for the c-section scar, if your waxing the “hood”, clean up the “trunk” while you are at it, and in the promised land – no one likes to see you sweat.

2. michael irvin gets yo’self off the crizzack. michael “psycho steve limbaugh the greek” irvin suggested eight days ago that the scrambling abilities of tony romo, dallas QB, must be due to one of his great, great, great grandmammy’s knocking boots with toby the slave.

can you hear the crickets in bristol? despite the furor and past drug issues (including one nary a year ago) irvin continues to collect a paycheck from disney and the hardcore “journalists” at espn remain deafeningly silent.

where michael’s sensitivity training at ?

3. “beach chair” the new jay-z joint featuring chris martin from coldplay – that’s mental !!- seems to be one of the few non-pedestrian tracks off of Kingdom Come.

i do like the beer commercial, though.

4. let the gervais juggernaut roll. office episode written by ricky & steve, thanksgiving podcast – free!!, smerch on 24, uk tour. damn… can’t… get… enough…

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  1. The new Jay-Z is real weak. Have you heard the Danger Doom record? Earler this year, Danger Mouse and MF Doom put it out and it is seriously awes. They break the songs up with Adult Swim characters in dialogue which gets old quick, but it’s still better than most of the skits on hip hop records these days.

  2. Beach Chair, eh? Mayhaps I will check it out. Who turned you onto this song by berating you for days to check it out and then not even getting a fucking tip of the hat?

  3. Yeah, that Danger Doom shit is pretty hot.

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