To Mel or Not to Mel

So I have really wanted to see Apocalypto since it was first announced.  I like weird shit, I like ancient cultures, I like subtitles.  So does Peter Bart, apparently, who has this to say:

Will Hollywood fall victim to the Apocalypto Syndrome?
Small screenings of the still-uncompleted film are quietly taking place. The movie is rough around the edges — temp score and sound, scenes still to be honed.
But the word has seeped out: From Mel Gibson’s dark, troubled mind has emerged yet another brilliant exercise in filmmaking, extremely violent, yet compelling. The inner demons that play havoc with his personal life continue to energize his creative vision.

The problem is, I can’t stand Mel Fucking Gibson and his antisemitic ass.  Beyond his antisemitism, he made a fool of me, which I don’t take kindly to.  How?  When The Passion of the Christ came out, I was telling everyone and their Irish uncle that it wasn’t antisemitic, it was just a semi-pornographical passion play, etc., and they should check it out.  Now, I realize it was just some Jew-hating shit, and I was tricked.  Fuck you for that, Mel Gibson!

But here’s the problem: I know Melly takes a huge cut of the gross for all of his films.  Do I want to put ca$h money in this cock’s pocket?  No.  Do I still want to see the picture? Yes.  I disagree with Sean Penn’s politics, but I was glad to pony up the loot for Mystic River, because I knew little of that money was going into his bank account and the movie was pissah.  (Not to mention that being a Communist is far less offensive than being one step down from a neo-Nazi.)
So here’s my solution, which I think is somewhat clever:  I go to the cinema, pay for tickets to the movie with the most Jewiness possible, and then go see Apolocalypto.  Take that, Sugartit Gibson!  Money intended for you will be going to the Zionist Overlords!

~ by kinshay on 2006-11-11.

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  1. i didn’t think passion was anti-semitic, there were tons of arabs running round that mug and the music was fairly arab influenced as well.

    i mean there wasn’t any klezma, so maybe it was a little biased.

    plus i’ve put plenty of money in the pockets of racist, women hating, jew baiting, fag bashing, wigger trashing, commie douche bags. you’ve got to separate the artist from the art, man.

    some of the objectionable artists whose shit i’ve purchased:
    rage against the machine
    public enemy, jay z, mos def, etc.
    orson welles
    the bible, the koran
    2 live crew
    samuel clements
    scorsese, coppola (FF not S)
    george clinton, parliament/funkadelic
    will ferrell, jack black, abe vigoda,
    mother theresa, mohandas q. ghandi
    gene roddenberry
    janine lindemulder
    sarah silverman

    there are others whom i’ve left off the list because i just can’t remember them.

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