is it new coke ?

a repackaged britney spears has finally dumped wankster K-Fed. is anyone really surprised ? how long did mr. spears think he could continue to pull the wool over his dumb hick wife’s eyes before she saw him for the retarded leech (and i apologize in advance to any mentally challenged annelids in the audience) that he is.

britney’s got a problem though. what made her appealing the first time around is gone. way gone.  can she get the hot bod back ? probably mostly, certainly her rack is bigger –albeit wonky. can she have someone write and produce commercial grade pop for her ? absolutely. can she reclaim the virginal sweetness and innocence required to ignore her fetal alcohol facial look ? no. not even hardly. as a wise man once said, “britney spear’s face looks like a pale pedro martinez”. her eyes are far enough apart to drive a harley through. see below.

i’ve adjusted the contrast ratio so you may not notice a difference in these pics, but here’s a clue, pedro is wearing a ball cap.

gosh. it’s like they’re looking in a mirror. amazing what make up can do.

~ by kinshay on 2006-11-08.

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  1. Whoever said that Britbrit looks like a pale Petey is a fahquin GENIUS.

  2. If the news stories are true, the footage of K-Fed receiving the divorce news via text was fake, but does it matter? It’s the best youtube feature i’ve seen yet. Except for the monkey pissing in his own mouth and falling off the branch. That one never gets old.

  3. Try this on for size. Maybe it’s only funny for cat owners, but I don’t give a frak.

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