Reality Does Bite

I hate reality television.  I watched the first two seasons of Real World, the first season of Survivor, and accidentally saw an America’s Next Top Model marathon when I was sick on the couch, with drugs coursing through my system.  That having been said, I friggin love The Amazing Race.

I guess that’s because Amazing Race is not reality television.  While most shows pick a bunch of wannabe actors who revel in drama, the Amazing Race keeps the drama to a minimum.  Sure, there is always a botoxed-up tranny-looking drama queen every season, but that is only a miniature part of the appeal.  It is, in all honesty, a ball-to-the-wall competition where the best team, usually, wins. That’s probably why it keeps winning awards.  Emmys, or Oscars, or Golden Globes or something.  I’m too lazy and hot right now to check.

~ by kinshay on 2006-11-06.

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  1. Sadly, the only “reality” TV that I watch is American Idol. I am, however, tangentially involved with some dudes who are doing a regional thing. I promise more later as it becomes available.

  2. You watch American Idol? Cf: Doogie Howser.

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