Queens of da Wonk

I’ve added a category to Plonkster called “Queens of da Wonk�. Basically, it’s an excuse to post about wonky eyed stunnah Kristen Bell. If anyone can come up with another one, I’m glad to hear it. Here’s Kristen’s confession of wonkitude (from Maxim ‘06):

After yourself, who’s the greatest TV P.I. ever? Columbo, hands down, because he had a lazy eye, and I have a lazy eye, the right one. On set we call it the Wonky. Sometimes if the camera is too close, the director of photography will come over and say we need to go again, the Wonky wasn’t paying attention. I’ve been embarrassed by it, but in the last couple years I’ve grown to love it. My mom has it, too, but she had surgery to correct it because hers was really bad. Mine’s not a really lazy eye. It’s more unmotivated.

Here are hi-res unwonky pics of the unsexy VMars. Don’t look. It’s not worth the chemical free erection. Really.

If you email in your own hot wonk, I’ll definitely give you credit. If anyone emails in to say Paris Hilton I will ban your IP. For Real.

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