Get to Drinkin’

Imagine my surprise when I saw this:

It will come as no surprise that the residents of a city known as “The Nation’s Watering Hole” like to have a beer or two.

But Milwaukee isn’t just your average brewing town. It’s the hardest-drinking city in America, according to’s ranking of America’s Drunkest Cities…

Each city was ranked in five areas: state laws, number of drinkers, number of heavy drinkers, number of binge drinkers and alcoholism…

Coming in second on our list is another chilly metro: Minneapolis-St. Paul. The twin cities ranked No. 2 for adults who reported having had a drink in the last month, No. 3 for binge drinkers and No. 12 for heavy drinkers.

Rounding out the top five drunkest cities are Columbus, Ohio; Boston; and Austin, Texas.

What the frig is going on here?  We get beaten by Milwaukee, Minneapolis, and Columbus, Ohio?  Screw that shit! You all better get some Hahpoon, Sammy, or even Jinro and begin the work required to get us into the numbah 1 spot!

(I’m not drunk, but the post is about drinking, hence the title.)

~ by kinshay on 2006-08-24.

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  1. Yo, when I worked at a helpdesk, the first question I asked people was “is it plugged in?” That handled about 25-35% of the problems right there.

  2. columbus only wins because of OSU and all the fraternities. i did my first year of college there and never looked back. 60,000 students means a hell of a lot of beer.

  3. I have grown up in Columbus all of my life. After moving to STL I realized that Cbus is my home–primarly because the midwest (not chicago) is full of pansies who cannot hold their liquor. Before you talk shit, please look at a map and find Columbus. Next, take a couple of friends and vacation there. I promise you that you will not regret it nor remember it.
    As for the loser who said CBus is all frat parties… you’re wrong. Of course I have been to my fair share of frat parties… but most are either pregames or after hours. No one really enjoys them. They are a way for us to get free beer and be on our way.
    I can understand why you would have left Columbus. It is quite obvious you were hanging out with the wrong crowd. There are nearly 1.8 million people in Columbus… So, no offence, but your claim that OSU is the only reason we are #3 is a little off.


    Not only are we #3 but OSU is ranked #1 this year. SUCK ON THAT!

  4. Yeah Casey – what she said!

    Seriously someone get Julie a shot of Jameson’s. It’s not like we took a dump on Drew Carey….

  5. i have been chastened.

    in my defense, however, i was still a minor child, living for the first time in an actual city, and freaked out that the cops had to keep closing down entire city blocks from the drunken frat brawls. so my impression of the drinking could be skewed, admittedly. it was in 1994-1995, too.

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