Entertainment Roundup

So there’s been fuck all entertainment worth a damn over the last few…months, or so.  Here’s some stuff that is worth your time:

Little Miss Sunshine: it is my favorite movie to see in a theater that has come out this fiscal year.  Steve Carrell is brilliant, Alan Arkin made me almost poop myself, and the little kid in it has a future in the biz.  What’s it about?  Hard to say.  Disfunctional family that goes to extreme length to get their awkward daughter to a beauty pageant.  It also slags off families who take part in that nonsense.

Stargate SG1: The 200th episode (entitled, cleverly, “200”) is the best hour of television I’ve e’er seen.  I watched it three times and am considering watching it again.  Basically, it is a skit show where they make fun of the actors, writers, producers, fans, Firefly fans, Star Trek…pretty much anything that me and my ilk would be into.  For the second runthrough, Courtney and I paused at every inside joke to discuss for 3-5 seconds, and it took us two hours to get to the end.

Deadwood: The best drama on TV.  Shield, Lost, and BSG all tie for second.  Gerald McRaney should get some sort of Emmy, as should Ian McShane. Who knew Major Dad could be evil?  His character Hearst is, and it shows how good his chops are that he can go from one extreme to t’other. The season finale is next week, so get caught up with a quickness.

GAA: Irish sports are pissah.  Everyone knows that Hurling is the fastest team sport on earth, but Senior (Gaelic) Football is pretty frigging good, too.  It is so multi-dimensional and asymmetrical that I am thinking of writing a paper comparing American Football to the Air-Land Battle Doctrine and Hurling to counterinsurgency operations. Cork is in the hunt for the All Ireland in both sports, as far as I know, but I think they played football yesterday and may have been eliminated.  I have a jersey on the way.  It was dear, but it was worth it.

Cribbage: always entertaining.  Pick up a cool board and rock the cribbone.

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  1. Trixie ripping her blouse open and stalking bare-breasted on her way to shoot Capitalist Motherfucker was one of the best tv moments ever.

  2. I just saw something about how Stargate is getting canceled actually…

  3. I just saw that on Sci Fi Wire. It’s unfortunate, because they are turning it around this year a bit. Claudia Black has strangely taken MacGuyver’s place, and Morena Baccarin has a bit of a part in the episodes to come. Who knows? Maybe all the Whedonites will show up to see their girl.

  4. I found the movie “The Descent” to be the best horror movie that I’ve seen in some time. It features open-ended storytelling and not one of the Wayans Brothers.

  5. I don’t understand how anyone can watch Fargate without being reminded of other, better sci-fi that got cancelled. The 200th ep was funny but otherwise it’s just not that good IMO. And as for Morena, hasn’t the whole “rapidly-aging-and-all-powerful-daughter” thing been done already, and better, by fellow Firefly alum Gina Torres on Angel? Actually they’ve got one on the 4400 right now too, I guess it’s a tv fad. I’m trying to think of other shows that would benefit from the rapidly-aging-all-powerful-daughter plotline…maybe King of Queens? 😉

    Now if you are a cribbage addict you should try this at least once, though I will admit it was a little too much for us and we’ve gone back to the old wooden standard.

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