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You might have noticed the new Photo tab up topside. I finally found a good Flickr plugin that does everything I want. FAlbum.

I was trying to find an easier way for Kin-Girl to do her pictures. As part of, Rachel takes about 100 pictures a week. The old process was getting em off the camera, export them, resize them, rename them, find and replace a text file with all textpad sanctioned img links in it, pasting it to textpad, then ftp’ing up the pics.It was good so that parents could see what the day/week was like for the kids, and grandparents around the world (India, Korea, Ireland, Arizona) could look as well. One lil one’s grampy prints every picture he is in. But since I was hosting it, the max size of the pic was 470px wide. The pics are .htaccess password protected.

Once I found and tested FAlbum, it got much easier. I created a new wordpress site under  This let me do all the setup and such without disturbing the original site. Since Rachel wants the initial page to be the about page, I will leave it there, and when we go live in September, will replace the current /index.php with a redirect to /node/about/.

FAlbum once setup with user info and authorized automatically gets all the sets you have in your account. You can use it globally, putting things in the sidebar, on regular pages, etc. Instead of .htaccess to control it, FAlbum allows you to display private pictures to only those logged in and of a certain access level. If you go there now, all you’ll see is the tiny treasures Logo. (I’ll be updating with an image stating you need to be logged in to see the pics.) Once logged in all the photo sets show up. You can drill down to thumbnails or pick slideshow (*bug which does not seem to be working with the private pics.) Drill down on a thumbnail and you have navigation as well as links to all the available photo sizes. It is truly like running Flickr on your own website, without using extra bandwidth or disk space for photos. I did not have to make any changes to the stylesheets at all, though since i do run K2 I had to follow an extra set of instructions, and the pagination numbers show up as black.
Intergration is so tight you can update a description on your site and it backfeeds into Flickr. I am really impressed with it. Obviously the pro account makes this much more useful, with the unlimited sets. But it’s worth trying, you may pony up the $25 for Flickr Pro.

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