Those Wacky Japanese Men

Discrimination? News – International – ‘Women only’ signs make Japan’s men fume
AT THE time, most people agreed it seemed a good idea: carriages on Japanese commuter trains set aside specifically for females would dramatically reduce the number of women being molested by the chikan who get their kicks by having a sly fondle among the tightly packed bodies. And it worked.

It has become so common to see “no males” signs outside stores, restaurants, hotels, spas and even entertainment outlets that the victims of this policy are beginning to grumble that they are becoming second-class citizens.

I have seen the comic books, anime and rape movie torrents that come out of Japan. I have seen the clips where boys randomly whip up the shirts or down the pants of women walking down the street. Thats supposed to be funny or entertaining. Ride a japanese subway and you’ll see business men reading a comic book everyone can see where a large bussomed japanese girl is getting raped by an 8 dicked walrus. I have no problem with businesses segregating out men to make women more comfortable.

Second class citizen? How about next time someone is moletsing a women you beat the shit out of them, make it socially unacceptable to have these things in front of women, then maybe you might have a point. (Well, as long as it is private enterprise doing it you don’t, but you should beat them anyways.)

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  1. Why are you torrenting, or attaining via other means, filthy shit? You sick bukkake loving bastid.

  2. Seen the torrent files listed on the trackers, not downloaded the content.

  3. whatevs. everytime you post something like this we’re gonna beat the shit out of you until it’s socially unacceptable to post. and you know you like the bukkake.

  4. I have always warned newbies to internet porn: Avoid anything with a title that contains the word bukkake, or is in German.

  5. “Essen meine Scheisse!”

    “Cartman, dude…that’s you Mom.”

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