Kin-Models Dude

How you gonna sell tshirts if no one knows what they look like? How do you want to present these tshirts, and how they look?

Simple. You hire hot models to wear said tshirts and take pictures of them.

Granted, we did not need to hire hot models, as we all happen to be married to, or live with wicked hot babes as it is. But, we are the jealous, don’t like to share types, so outsourcing it was.

Kin Girl and I had the pleasure of shooting Michelle:


She is not a pro, but does modeling for fun and sport. She is a wonderful girl, extremely friendly and very easy to work with. She understood I was not a pro at all, and helped out a great deal. She knew what we were looking for and delivered. Oh yeah, and she is way pretty.

Michelle was recommended to me by a professional photographer friend. How else do you find models? Craiglist! Throw up an ad, models email you. When I put up my ad, I was sure to put in a link to kintees, let them know it was legit. I was impressed on how many girls followed the link and emailed through the website. That seemed a much safer course of action to me.

Kin Yah Bruthah put up an ad as well and arranged two shoots near Fenway. He did an awesome job. First up was Zoe:


I think we can all tell from the pics alone She has a great personality and is wicked cute. She was followed on the same day by Dani:


who takes her work very seriously and did a good job showing off the shirts.

I’ve already added a bunch of banner ads over at kintees, and uploaded a bunch to flickr. I’ll get them on HotShots! soon. All we need now is a Hollywood star wearing a Papi and we’re golden.

~ by kinshay on 2006-07-17.

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  1. I guess its the dyslexia talking, but I accidentally read about Michelle: She is a wonderful girl, extremely easy and very friendly to work with. Heh.

  2. I’ll be sporting Papi in Hollywood come September… I know that’s not exactly what you were looking for, but… Yeah…

  3. One word: Garfleck

  4. I’d prefer Damon, but I suppose two is better than one.

  5. Jake, when we getting the pic of you wearing the Papi on Black Betty? We are all dying to see that one. Preferably as your cruising 70 mph down the highway.

  6. Damon’s a Yank now dude, get with the program! 😉

    [How d’ya like THEM apples?]

  7. BTW Jenn, you may be very very suprised soon.

  8. I’ve seen Damon sporting his “B” cap recently… WTF?

  9. Sweet– now I “know” someone who’s actually hired a model.

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