Kin-Shay Drunken Postin’

Fuck it, I’m on vacation.

Kin-girl and I are heading to Maine for some boating adventures. I’ll post ppppics on it after the fact. Of course the first thing I did while on vacation was re-os my laptop. My dell Inspiron 5150 kinda sucks. They put too much power into too small a frame (a p4 3.2 when it really needs a M) and the video card blows, videos tend to skip, slow down and speed up. I thought it was windoze driver related, but that is not the case. I was playing with the new Knoppix 5 live dvd which I torrented, and decided with ssh and vpn, I need not the windows on here. So I tried doing a full Debian install, which went a bit wonky. I really like the Knoppix live, but doing it all in ram slowed things down a bit. After some searching I realizzed I could do a full knoppix install just by going to init 3 and hitting a script. Bing bang boom, I have knoppix. But the resolution still sucked. I booted again to the DVD with the display=1400×1050, copied off the /etc/XXXX11/xorg.conf to the hard drive version, and I was in business.

I am impressed with Debain packaging and how smoothly things are running. I’ve has some weirdness with smb mounting, LiSa doesn’t want to run correctly and the media:/ links don’t really work, but I can get to where I need to go with absolute paths (/mnt/sda1 will work, konquerer default media:/sda1 won’t.) Also, as you can see from the pppics above, once in a while the keyboard goes postal. That’s a bitch when typing in **** passwords. But it is stable, I can do the things I do most of my stuff from: VNC to S1W (the server), VNC to Mackey (The entertainment center), rss, browsing, torrent, mail, etc… Hell, Kin-Girl did not realize I switched OS’s until I told her.

I love to play with different Linux distros. This is my first real run at Debian/Knoppix disk install. Looks good so far.

Guess we are all different in our hearts. I drink up and talk geek, Da Kine jinros to oblivion and talks about celebrities. I may be a social retard, but at least I ain’t a sissy boy.

~ by kinshay on 2006-07-02.

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  1. Hubby is running Ubuntu, it’s sweet. I logged in to his machine from my Windoze PC (using NX Client) and ran GIMP, could barely tell I was in Linux :-).

    By the way, discounting the typos due to wonky OS, this has got to be the tamest Drunken Post evah.

  2. No no. You’re a sissy boy. No one calls you that outright due to their fears of retribution from you, the Big Boss Man.

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