I’m betting if’n da kine did have his wee rollover and was still there, shit never woulda gotten lost.

New York Daily News – Entertainment – In Iraq, James sees action
“All those people know they could be me,” {ed – Jesse} James said. “I’m one of them. That’s why I went over there to build a custom car. I’m not like a musician. I can’t go over and play songs. I can go over and weld stuff.”

It’s James’ second trip to Iraq. He visited just after the war started in 2003. This trip took a bit of planning, since he had to bring virtually everything needed to build the car to the base. For added hassles, the stuff got lost – and found – in Kuwait.

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  1. Yup. The president is “The Decider”, and I’m “The Finder”. Ordnance officers are at their best either 1.)packratting like a mofo, or, 2.)tracking down lost stuff. 1 means we wouldna lost it, 2 means we woulda found it if some transpo officer lost it.

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