The Recital

Princess Cate had her first dance recital today, it was wonderful. Well, no. It was horribly produced and they overbooked our table, but Cate did a kickass job.

Way fun was sitting next to Kin Yah while we busted on how bad the production/setup et al was. Plus thier was a guy behind us with a mullet. He was sporting maybe #3 on the top, with the straight down to his shoulders on the back. To top it off he had his sunglasses propped up on his head at the demarcation line.

I got to use my new camera which exceeded my expectations. Way cool was I got to Yah’s, ripped the disc in 5 minutes and burned two copies in another 10 minutes. Compared to the horror stories I have heard about downloading, transcoding, etc… I am glad I went with DVD. (Way cool bonus … during the daddy daughter dance whilst Sean and Cate were looking the other way, I taped Mullet dancing.)
Three phrases that need to be remembered:

There is a bit of humor in every joke. 


The fucking gate is closed

Two of those phrase were muttered by a youngster, guess which ones.

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  1. I saw a great mullet on Friday night in Worcester at the Ministry/Revolting Cocks show. He was so out of fashion that he was never in fashion — he wore a Ministry tee to the concert. He probably cranked “Psalm 69” in the parking lot. Best concert goer ever.

  2. […] we cruised down to Corcoran South to see lil Cate in her second recital. You may recall how awse last year was, so we were looking forward to […]

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