AAR- coupla toosdees ago…

i went to pimp shirts at the red sox/yankees game. pretty exciting, fairly successful. i handed out a ton of cards and mingled with a lot of interesting folks.
i started off at whiskey, home of spanking hot waitresses and 30 cent wings. also home of the $5 corona (yes, five dollars american). i suppose that they have to make the money up somewhere. met a bunch of folks who loved the papi shirt.

walked over to and completely around fenway park. almost got run over by a rat that was the size of a semi. apparently i was too small to eat, it just ambled by. either that or it was scared off by “boomer” wells, who was leaving in his suv when i strode past the players entrance.
if you have loved the cask and flagon, in all its dingy glory, shitty crowded bar area, shitty wooden booths – did i mention dingy? – prepare to be stunned. the entire place has been transformed into a roomy, brick and glass, hip, semi-classy bar. tremendous talent pool. met some great folks in the cask, a bunch of whom asked where i got my shirt (which is precisely the reaction i wanted from people). there were several lovely ladies to whom i tried to sell pink vtek attire. and some really drunk guys asking me if i knew where to score meth… go figure.

at the end of the game, i stood in front of the cask by the lightpole and handed out a card to anyone who made eye contact or commented on the shirt. my guess is that i sold four or five shirts that night.

i also said “hi” to bernie williams as he walked swiftly past me towards kenmore sq.

~ by kinshay on 2006-06-08.

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  1. great work with the t’s sean. sad about the c&f. might as well make it a tgi fridays by what you describe. by the time i get home again i think the l street tavern will be a starbucks.

  2. what do you mean “will be” ? ;-(

  3. I was about to go to Burrito Max last night, but it’s empty. I haven’t found an official reason yet. But I’m looking.

  4. what about the lincoln in la? have the heathens defiled that one as well?

  5. I haven’t been there in a coupla years, but I’m almost certain the place is just as filthy as I left it.

  6. we can only hope

  7. I went to Jake Ivory’s on Landsdowne St. last night for my sister-in-law’s graduation party and wore the J-Vtek shirt. When they called all of the Dad’s in the audience up onto stage, I went to make my brutha laugh. (he didn’t wanna be there — no real man wants to be there unless they’re making some sort of skank pickup at night’s end) Boys, I handed out about a dozen cards from that onstage appearance AND had to break a young bride-to-be’s hah-h-h-h-ht when I told her that she couldn’t have the shirt off of my back. I would have given it up, but my undershirt had leathery pits, if you know what I mean

  8. I like the J.V-Tek shirt best. Obviously, the Viva El Papi is the #1 Stunnah, but I think that on a deeper level, the OD green touches me deep in my soul.

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