Calling the Brockton Sasquatch

Does this sound familiar, Joe the Yizzuzz?

A Westlake Taco Bell has been the target of three dine-and-dash crimes over the past few month, according to the Westlake Police Department.

Officials say the man runs between the drive-through window and the waiting driver of a car and grabs the bag of food. The last instance happened on May 17 at 11 p.m. Officials said he then runs across Columbia Road into the Victoria Estates subdivision. The suspect is described as a tall white man, who is wearing a Cleveland Browns jersey.

Change the place names to ones related to Brockton and the t-shirt to “Sex Pistols” or something, then this could be an account of the early 90s doings of someone we know, right?

~ by kinshay on 2006-05-23.

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  1. Uh…no. I really don’t think I was ever involved in anything like this. Sorry?

  2. Dang. I thought you was the one who told me about that. It musta been someone at the Enterprise.

  3. Jeezuz, please don’t lump me in with them folk.

  4. hey!

  5. There were some stories of your co-workers that were told to me. I did not feel particularly proud to hail from Brockton afterwards. I shouldn’t have left that blanket post.

  6. “I put that shit on my breffiss cereal…”

  7. i liked the people there

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