Pour a Sip on the Concrete

Maybe Jake is the only person who will remember this place, but it is a sad day for LA (Lower Allston):

The Kinvara, an Allston Irish pub that’s long welcomed young Irish immigrants and college students, will close this summer after 34 years.
The bar will be converted into an as-yet-unnamed casual American bistro with 100-plus seats by new owner Derek Brady, who’s buying it from the Briar Group…

The Harvard Avenue Kinvara is expected to end its run toward the end of June. Brady plans upward of $100,000 in renovations to give the place a more contemporary, lighter atmosphere, with higher ceilings, larger windows opening to the street and new furniture.

“It’s still going to have a tavern feel to it,” Brady said. “It won’t be too trendy. I don’t want people to have to dress up to come in.”…

A decline in customers prompted the Briar Group to put its oldest pub up for sale. The Brighton company owns nine other bars and restaurants throughout the city.
“This is a very difficult decision for us,” CEO Austin O’Connor Jr. said. “My father operated this since 1972. That location is best-suited for an owner-operator.”

Next thing you know, the Sunset Grill & Tap will become a Chilis or something.

~ by kinshay on 2006-05-06.

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  1. that sucks…
    next they’ll rip the heart out of the “el phoenix room” and stick in some stupid bistro.


  2. My sould was crushed the day the Deli Haus gave up the ghost.

  3. The Deli Haus is gone? WTF?

  4. Now I don’t have to worry about getting lost in Downtown Boston.

  5. Do people say “Phil Leans” or “Fye Leans”? I prefer the latter and think weird North Shote types say the former.

  6. My mother uses the former and she’s Dorchester born n’ bread, so there goes your theory. Of course, she’s insane…

  7. I always heard it as the latter in my circle of exposure…

  8. is “circle of exposure” a euphemism for something ? if not, it should be…

  9. I got yer circle of exposure right here!!!

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