Viva El Papi! Kintees, Dude

So Sean, Seamus, and I are now virtual business owners. We’ve got a website what sells t-shirts for the discriminating Boston sports fan. It’s a project we’ve been working on for a while, but it has now come to fruition! I am the artist/money man, Seamus is the web guru, and Sean is the guy who has to deal with t-shirt shops without getting an ulcer, plus that whole “doing all the real work” thing. Behold 4/5s of the beautiful results:

Full Spread

In clockwise fashion starting from the top left, the shirts are:

Sox Fan Being a Sox Fan: Anyone who has heard the expression “Manny Being Manny” probably gets this. People who have never heard the expression are probably very confused about a lot of things right now.

Coco Classy: Some say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but I think that parody is. This one speaks for itself and has actually been very highly rated by folks who have checked out the designs.

Manny’s Kidz: There is no really good explanation for this one, but it is funny as hell. That is all the explanation one should need.

And finally, the centerpiece of our lineup:

Viva El Papi:Obviously, a parody of the Che Guevara shirts kids are fond of wearing, I’m pretty sure this will be the most popular seller. As an added bonus for the ladies, here is the sexy eldest brother of the family rocking the Papi:


Damn, that’s some high quality t-shirt! There are two additional designs that are not pictured: J.V-Tek and Ortizzle in the Heezy. J. V-Tek is available now, but Ortizzle won’t be out for a little bit more.

So, tell you friends and family to visit the site, buy early, and buy often! There will be vinyl Viva El Papi stickers (approximately postcard size) available for purchase and distribution to members of the CorcoranBrothers community in the near future, also. So you got that going for you.

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  1. Sooper fab! Big fan of Coco Classy and Viva El Papi.

  2. Oh, so is there a pool for how long it’ll take for yous to get a letter from a [Large Softdrink Company] lawyer? Put me down for 1.5 months.

  3. I really hope there’s sales enough for [Large Softdrink Company] to notice….

    btw, any posts and links would be greatly appreciated!

  4. Yeah, we’re keeping the advertising to a minimum for that very reason. It is fair use, as it is parody of a public company and a public figure, but I don’t have a lawyer on retainer, so I’ll probably poop if a letter comes. Of course, the sales would have to be pretty hefty before anyone notices, right? That means we’d have made our scrilla back.

  5. You’re probably more at risk from getting found out via this discussion than from the actual T, unless you tagged the image on the website with something obvious :-).

  6. Well, I got my Papi tee and my Dear Ma ordered Coco and Tek, I believe.
    Doing my part, yo…

  7. just to testify to the power of the papi shirt.

    notice that i don’t look fat in this picture, except for my double chin, which is not covered by the magic of the shirt.

    damn, i’m hot.

  8. Calm down, Paris Hilton.

  9. My sis-in-law ordered the Viva Papi El Papi, so I’m pitching in. Wings Wednesday? I needz tha sweat.

  10. I’m go for Wednesday, Kin Yah Bruthah?

  11. whiskey ??

    wendell’s will leave me tapped. we must condsider the sox/yanks finale.

  12. whiskey

  13. i’m seeing you fellas this evening…rain or shine…bring kintees postcards.

  14. Being the art guy my head is swimming with fun Sox shirt ideas. Picture Johnny Damon with his flowing mane and beard; tagline: Shave = Sellout. Or maybe a headshot illustration of Bill Buckner with the tagline: Hug Bill. He Needs Some Love.

    Also; I think you should jump on the Bonds/Roids bandwagon. Any anti-Bonds gear would sell like a mo’fo in National League cities (like Denver. Now that the Rocks are winnin’, folks give a shit about baseball around here again).

    Say the word and I’ll throw you boys some artwork.

  15. […] So we’ve been selling shirts for a bit now, and I think the sales (considering we have not yet rolled out the advertising) have been pretty damned strong.  Seamus and Sean have had more to do with the day-to-day operations and whatnot, so mayhaps they can comment with some insight below.  If you read this site, like the Sox, and haven’t bought a shirt yet, than that proves you don’t love us.  Sniffle. […]

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