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Anyone seen the ads for the Toyota Yaris? Supposably, this mug (a hybrid) will be less than 12K, and get 40 mpg. These are the ads from Prison Break I’m quoting. Any time Dominic Purcell is associated with something, I get lightheaded, since that bastid is the definition of heteroshanehot (he looks like he can kick my ass, and his stuff is symmetrical). It gets 40+ mpg, according to the ads, and that is hot.
I converted a Korean kid to Jinro. I was at Foodland (the Shaws of Hawaii) two weeks ago, and the cashier axed me what this Jinro stuff I was buying was all about. I told him it was a grain alcohol that slightly mimicked sake, bur was of Korean origin, and it gets you hammid secretly with little hangover. To my shock, when I went today to pick up some candy, the same kid (I say kid, but he is prolly 25) said, “Oh, da kine Jinro is soooo ono. I got mad wasted and did no puke. Tanks for da kine recommendation.” My shame is complete.

Anyone who hasn’t gotten into It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia should be ashamed. It’s like Arrested Development had a baby with South Park. Torrent that fucker if you need to. It’s awesome.

Big Love took a while to come around, but it’s pretty pissah now. To reiterate my point about homelessness, but with polygamy (or polyandry) as the example: don’t fuck with how people live their lives. If you think polygamy=child abuse, then prosecute someone for child abuse, not polygamy, not marrying in a way that conflicts with your (modern) Judeo-Christian antics, er, values.

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  1. You did teach me how to properly drink a Guiness…

    Next you’ll show a chinese kid how to use chopsticks

  2. the toughest part of teaching you to drink guiness was teaching you not to order a drink with fruit and or umberellas in it.

    the flip side of that analogy is teaching a chinese kid with feet for hands how to use chopsticks.

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