For Nerds Only

So on ST:TNG, the Captain would always tell the replicator that he wanted, “Tea, Earl Grey, Hot.”  Shouldn’t he have programmed a shortcut into the system, so that if he says, “tea,” then it automatically comes out as Earl Grey Hot, unless he tells it to do otherwise?

~ by kinshay on 2006-04-21.

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  1. Methinks he wanted the opportunity for variety. Maybe one day he’ll get crazy and order up some English Breakfast Tea or some shit.

  2. maybe he was paranoid about letting the federation in on too much? sure they could have tracked his full orders, but jean-luc as a conspiracy theorist doesn’t seem too far from the truth to me. his experience with the borg may have given him the bug?

  3. i would forward the idea that it was part of his character to revel in the old school style of ordering. i mean sure the tmz4300 replicator did have all the option of programming short cuts. you could even set it to detect your biorhythms so that it knew when you wanted earl gray tea. for something so small and specific they even had a pocket push button series that was no bigger than your thumb. but as we all know, cool or not, picard was old school to the core. he didn’t need to resort to the new fangled short cuts or gadgets of the new generation.

    what i want to know is if the parts of the brain that store memory could be isolated and downloaded into a machine like the satellite that picard became a hostage to and was able to live out sixty years awash in the world of a long dead civilization in the span of a few moments AND the transporters could map and remember the signature of the body it had transported earlier and THEN you could beam back to the previous copy of yourself like they did when all of the crew were reverse aged down to children but teleported back to their old bodies, why didn’t they spend their down time storing the experiences of the day then replicating back to their earlier bodies and then downloading the memories and lessons they had gained by living that day? i mean we are talking about perpetual youth here!

    and while we are on the subject of why didn’t they: why the fuck didn’t data just run the whole ship? you know the unfeeling bastard could do it.

    and more to the point, if tasha yar wants to pose in playboy i say hell yes. don’t fire the bitch.


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