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So The Onion is a fake newspaper, but like Tim O’Brien once said ( I think in The Things They Carried, but I don’t have a copy with me to check): sometimes fiction shows you the truth more clearly than non-fiction.

To insure against a total comedy-systems failure like the one that caused the Coupling disaster, producers of the new NBC sitcom The Silver Lining said their show has built-in redundant comedy devices which will idiot-proof the show against failure. “This new series is engineered on a time-tested and reliable system of gags, repeated one after the other, with the same punchline being fired off simultaneously by multiple sources,” executive producer Barry Hemming said. “If a John Larroquette quip catastrophically fails to get laughs, we have Jenna Elfman saying nearly the same line as a backup.” Hemming noted that, while their Research and Development Department continues to work on a joke that can stand on its own, it is best for everyone in television that comedies be made as safe and reliable as possible.

So I love Kristen, but I can watch neither My Name is Earl nor the American Office.  They suck. Badly.  Arrested Development is gone, Scrubs has less viewers than many reruns, but Jim Belushi’s show and the Simpsons are still on the air.  Fiction is more true than non-fiction.

People like Seamus are responsible for this.  Charles in Charge, anyone?

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  1. The future wife and I were just waxing philisophically about some Charles In Charge last night. Specifically, after hearing the name “Chaz” we both recalled a Chrales In Charge episode when Chuck whacked his head and reverted to the alter ego Chaz Lamborghini (or as I refer to it: The REAL Scott Baio). Anyway, Chaz proceeds to wreak all sorts of havoc in Charles’ boy scout life; he brings home some Jersey trash in ripped jeans, gives his mom a near cornorary when he claims he’s going to marry the Jersey trash and throughly freaks out Buddy Limbeck (now Bible Man) and the Powell children. The episode ends when Chaz re-whacks his head and becomes Charles once again.

    Is there anything 80s television can’t solve?

  2. jesus, and jake thought it was bad to bring me into the same hemisphere as matt

  3. I didn’t think it was “bad” per se… I just wasn’t sure what would happen.

  4. just be worried about me and pq

  5. Why are you hatin’ on Earl? That is an awesome show! It is well-written, well-acted and has *no laugh track* – so I know my laughs are real and not prompted. Definitely the freshest sitcom in a long time.

    By the way, I’ll meet that Charles in Charge and raise you one Boy Meets World. 🙂

  6. topanga, mmm mmm mmm..

    edo, it’s okay, pq is about 12 hours from you by plane. i think we’re safe. however, if you head to the sandbox there could be issues.

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