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This is a shout out to some bloggers who had a great Black Eyed Peas conversation, beating me to the punch a few months ago, about the social and political strength of their recent music. I think it was the Jake/Brandon/Matt trifecta, but my searching is not finding what I am looking for. Ah well, enjoy the pics.
(If you aren’t into NSFW pics, at least check out Matt’s awesome new Jesus Chops. If nothing else, Corcoran Brothers readers always appreciate quality facial hair.)

...and all you get on the way to the beach is Top 40?

...all you have is AM radio in your car...

~ by kinshay on 2006-04-12.

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  1. Dig.
    No Brando, but we did get some action from Brozo’s circle.

  2. Found this in the ‘chives. Related. Dig.

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