Domino, Mother#()@&#$

Oh, yeah, son.  Dominoes is coming to TV:

[I]t is no surprise that the ESPN sports network has declared dominoes the next big spectator sport and is promoting it as both a cultural touchstone and a highly competitive game, complete with rankings, formal tournaments, celebrity events and sponsors.

The article focuses on the Latin players, but I hope they aren’t going to be playing that weird straight game, versus the tried-and-true plus sign version I know and love.  Hell, when you name your first and only bet after the pasttime, you know you have much love.

Now, if they get cribbage (street name:cribbone) on ESPN, I will have the trifecta of ‘sports’ I am good at that you can drink beer while playing.

~ by kinshay on 2006-04-02.

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  1. I love me some Dominoes. I hope 40 ounces and gang bangers are allowed.

    I’d like to seem some ‘urban’ leagues of badminton and handball on the ‘Ocho’, too. Maybe even a Southern California prison league of handball.

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