Corcorans Be Ready

Anyone who is neither a Corcoran or has family in/from West Cork, ignore this.

There is a movie coming out in the short term called “The Wind That Shakes the Barley” that is about both the Irish Revolution and the Civil War and, get this, it centers on two characters from West Cork!  WTF?  Why don’t they just have the main character move to Somerville, MA. at the end?  Do we get royalty checks?

Note: Cillian Murphy, whom I love, is actually from Cork! A suburb called Douglas is his birthplace.  I don’t remember ever going there, but it is just south of Cork City, so maybe I drove through it on the way to someplace else.  Also, I would make out with him, and would let my wife make out with him.  For the sake of honesty.  Open source truth, bitches.

~ by kinshay on 2006-04-02.

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  1. Just for your own info, Douglas is a suburb of Cork City, from where this e-mail is being sent, It is one of the fsatest growing suburbs in Munster, and is predominantly middle class. therefore rather than being a place Douglas is a concept and state of mind.

    Go see the movie, if you haven’t already.

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