Teh Internets Made Me Feel Smaht

People are always all, why did spend your time learning to speak stupid languages instead of something useful, like engineering or mathematics? And I’m all, because languages are cool and make me urbane and accepted internationally.  And then they’re all, yeah, but you know stupid languages that are either dead or nobody speaks. And I’m all, whatevah.

Ah, but if it weren’t for the fact that I speak one of those stupid languages that nobody else speaks (well, 25 million is nobody by American standards), then I wouldn’t be able to watch this without subtitles! Suckers!  You all feel dumb now because you didn’t spend months learning the most bizarre Romance language for the reward of 2 minutes of satisfaction whilst watching a fat kid dance/lip synch on a webcam!

PS: Before Seamus says anything: yes, I did learn Italian so I could watch the Godfather without subtitles, but they spoke the Sicilian dialect in those movies, while I learned the Roman/Neapolitan dialects, which are completely different, so it was a waste of 3 years of my life.

PPS: This clip probably made the rounds of funny internet videos a long time ago, but I just found it accidentally via a Fark link that referenced it.

PPPS: No, Ed, this is not me being egotistical.  If anything, it is me making fun of myself for spending lots of time doing useless things.  Please comment accordingly.

PPPPS: Expect a similar post when something with an Art Historical bend starts making the rounds.

P5S: I have been off the pain meds for 4-5 days now, so this is all me talking.

~ by kinshay on 2006-03-30.

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  1. Back in my day the dang ol’ Numa Numa kid didn’t have any new-fangled subtitles. AND WE LIKED IT!

    Extra funny part is the kid was from/in Jersey and prolly had no effin’ clue what we was lip synching.

    All that said, GOD this still makes me giggle!

  2. So when did it first start making the rounds? Whoops. I just checked on Wikipedia, and it was a while ago (DEC 2004). That kid put the video up his damn self! I figured it must have been a malicious ‘friend’ who done it.

  3. douche!

  4. Caput tuum in ano est- Latin Boy! ; )
    Nothin but love for ya!

  5. Ah, me dear, but whose ass?

  6. been thinking about the postscript. i think it might be completely out of date in our information age. i mean i can understand if i was at the end of my parchment and just after sanding the squid ink that i had just quilled i realized that i had not included a salient point in my missive to my liege i would need to employ a post script. however now a days we can just relocate the cursor and type in what we had to say when we had to say it. egregious abuse of the antiquated only serves to reveal a douche.

  7. that was a pretty damn good one, ed.

  8. Joe, apparently your keyboard doesn’t have a Caps Lock or Shift key when you have Ed’s dick in your mouth. Deeeammmmnnnn. Even the silent ‘n’ gets 4 repetitions, bitch.

  9. Actually, I gotta give Edo mad points on that one. He uses the the idea of the postscript to make fun of your dead language fetish.

  10. shut up and entertain me gimp!

  11. Fuckming English Majors. Fucking art history Majors.

    You’re all pooftahs, no stop giving each other the ole reach around and get the fuck along. I will turn this blog right the fuck around!

  12. Holy shit, this fucker shows up at his own site. Amazing!

    Jake: you’re right. That’s why I didn’t snap at Ed, but his little buttmonkey, the Yuz.

    Yuz: you’re Ed’s little buttmonkey. I can’t imagine being the bottom for Miraclees. I’d go out like a bitch if Jiminy Cricket tried to mount me, so I can’t imagine what manner of damage the Whip would do. (hat tip: Jackie Martling)

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