I Am Always Late

First, someone steals my idea to put a Quizno’s near Kenmore Square, now this:

Universal Pictures has acquired the feature film rights to The Stars My Destination, the seminal 1955 SF novel by Alfred Bester, Variety reported.

The book centers on the sole survivor of a wrecked spaceship that drifts through deep space. When a passing vessel ignores his distress signal, he becomes obsessed with revenge and ultimately uncovers a secret destined to change the course of history, the trade paper reported.

If I haven’t made it clear before, The Stars My Destination (originally titled “Tiger!Tiger!” which actually fits better), is the greatest science fiction book ever written.  That is not a matter of opinion, it is a matter of fact.  I heard that Isaac Asimov, Bob Heinlein, and Poul Anderson all considered leaving the biz after Bester dropped that bomb on them, but he got them all hot cocoa and brought them back into the game.

I have always intended to produce this movie in 15-20 years once I am retired and somehow mysteriously rich.  Maybe a Quizno’s near BU would have gotten me the needed scrilla.  Che sera sera.

This development is a blessing and a curse.  They tried to make a movie out of the third greatest sci-fi novel of all time and it was so bad that I would rather watch Colm Meaney take a dump while reading a Danielle Steel novel than watch it.   Unfortunately, Starship Troopers has enough meat in it that could be made rotten: military-centric, near Fascist state, corporal punishment in school, etc.  Bester’s prose is spare and there is little that can be twisted, I imagine, only fucked up instead.  As an example, one of the themes in the novel is synthesesia (sp.?), wherein the protagonist hears colors, sees saltiness, tastes a sunset, etc.  How is that translated effectively onto the big screen?  I don’t know.

The blessing is that the novel will sell several hundred thousand copies in the run-up to the movie.  The more folks who read this book the better, no matter how the movie turns out.

Seriously, go read this book.  If you like cyberpunk, you’ll love this.  If you like comic books, you’ll worship this.  If you like to read something as an adventure book and then realize later that the author laid all kinds of philosophy on you, then you’ll frigging adore it.

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  1. “god damn you filthy vorga”

  2. Interesting. It’s on my list now.

    It may surprise most, but I’ve never been big on sci-fi. I just read Ender’s Game during our recent trip to Beantown, in fact. (**HIGHLY** recommended, yo!)

  3. On a similar vein to Ender’s Game is Joe Haldeman’s ‘Forever War’. By no means are either as good as Tiger!Tiger!, but they are nice.

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