Zen Bump

Note it’s been just over a year since Da Kine almost got himself killed. Sure we should have posted about it on the 12th, ya know, when it the anniversary, but we all assumed the another brother was going to take care of it. Anyway, yay, Shane’s not dead. He is going in for more hand surgery this week though, apparently choking the chicken is still only at 92% of full functionality, and he needs that last 8% to feel fully better. (Amazing how they can measure those things…)

I guess in his head injured, not as much a prick, I love my brothers but could never get so fucked up as to tell them kind of way, he is grateful for the support I gave him during his period of healing. (That support being making fun of him and calling him gimpy.) Rather than saying thanks, or expressing any emotion, he did something way cooler. He made me these:

Mala Beads 1

That’s right kids, genuine handmade Da Kine original Mala Beads, made from hemp rope and koa wood beads. The beads themselves are about 12 mm and shimmer in light. I had a a set before, but the string between the beads stretched out to the point they are useless for rotating. Da kine states the hemp rope will not stretch, so that’s covered. Putting the know between each bead makes it much more flexible and fun to play with. I’m totally diggin on them.

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