I Forget So You Don’t Have To

Today is the 18th, which means tomorrow is Miracleed’s birthday. I will of course be upholding my annual tradition of forgetting his birthday as a present to him. Edo admitted he knew of this tradion now, hence the posting. It makes it a lot easier than calling people to remind him. So, please email/call/write, whatever Edo tomorrow wishing him a happy birthday. Do NOT tell him I reminded you. Do NOT let on that I know it is his birthday and am purposefully forgetting. Do not let him knwo that I know that he knows that I know he knows. Yes this post sort of negates it all, but damnit, this is how we do it. Appearances count, and this one has a long stading tradition.

Backstory: Edo and I have been friends for a long time. Every year he would remember my birthday, every year I would forget his. Every year he would not say anything but you could see the disappointment in his eyes when I would say something on the 20th. or 25th. One year back in 99 or so, I made a conscious and extremely deliberate effort to be sure to call him on his birthday. I was in Ireland at the time. I planned the hours just right, and called him. He sounded disappointed still. Kin yah brutha asked him about it later and relayed to me that what Edo really likes for his birthday is the superiority that comes with his diligence of friendship and my take for granted forgetfullness. I found this to be awesome! Of course, every year since then, hard as I might try, I can not forget his birthday. So I remind all those close to him what day it is, and conscious and extremely deliberate effort do not call or acknowledge his birthday til after the fact.

It is a fun friendship game we play, so don’t ruin it please. Make it more special, the more people who shower him with attention tomorrow, the worse it looks for me. Do me proud, make me look horrible!

Thank you.

~ by kinshay on 2006-03-18.

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  1. hey man, leave me outta it !! i can forget ed’s birfday on my own.

  2. miracle who?

  3. I hear the Army is trying to figure out how to age him backwards to they can hang on to him for even longer.

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