Phishing Phun!

Phishers are getting more and more clever. I just got an e-mail from “Bank of Hawaii” warning me about phishing:

Due to the recent phishing attacks and attempted identity theft associated with them, we have decided to verify identity of our members.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but Bank Of Hawaii feels this is a necessary precaution to protect our members personal
identity information.

We recently attempt to verify some recent transactions on your account.

After we have made the verification we were unable to confirm your personal identity information we have on file. You will need to confirm
your information in order to maintain online services.

Strangely enough, the URL of the link they wanted me to click was 40+ characters long, with the word ‘bank’ in it, but no other connection to the Bank of Hawaii. Using phishing to go phishing: that’s Chutzpah!

~ by kinshay on 2006-03-11.

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