South Dakota Abortion Ban

I’ll tell you why this is a good thing.

Rights. Constitution = individual rights, superior to states rights in turn superior to federal law.

BREITBART.COM – Bush disagrees with South Dakota abortion ban
The bill, which recently gained final approval from South Dakota’s House of Representatives, directly contradicts the precedent set in 1973 when the US Supreme Court ruled that bans on abortion violate a woman’s constitutional right to privacy.

The bill grants no allowances for women who have been raped or are victims of incest. Doctors who perform abortion would be charged with a crime. It also prohibits the sale of emergency contraception and asserts that life begins at fertilization.

The governor of South Dakota has indicated he is likely to sign the bill.

You can’t strike down an evil/foolish/wicked/immoral law until it is enacted AND enforced. I hope this thing passes. I hope it passes fast, and I hope they arrest the doctor and the patient. I hope the doctor is a country doctor, mid 50’s who mostly works delivering babies. A hearty country guy who’s ancestors where moonshiners and family still don’t take kindly to revenoors.

He puts up everything he has, along with his patient, and fights it to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court then disregards Roe v Wade. It hears all the facts and sides with the rights of the individual.

Constitution = individual rights, superior to states rights in turn superior to federal law.

End the bad law arguement of Roe. Negate States rights over Federal precedent. Side with the individual. This is a tough tough issue. The dumbasses who conceived this law have no patience and no guile. They should have learned from the anti-smoking crusaders. But no, they want to jump right in feet first and shoot the whole wad now. I am grateful for that. They are convinced if Bush put them on the court, they have the majority now, and can get their instant gratification. They are dead wrong.

I truly believe that these idiots will do more good (without meaning to) to solidify a woman’s right to choose than any other group. It will backfire in their faces and it will be beautiful to watch.

~ by kinshay on 2006-03-02.

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  1. i hope so too, shay, but i’m still really, really angry about the women who will have to suffer until this shit backfires. even without the ban in SD (and mississippi, that one’s picking up steam now, too), it’s hard as hell to get an abortion. the access has been so severely limited. they’ve chipped away at reproductive rights to the point where it’s a de facto ban in some locations.

    i was just reading about how planned parenthood’s funding for ALL services has been slashed all to hell. mammograms. breast cancer screenings. PAP smears/annual exams. contraceptives. STD testing and treatment. PRE-NATAL CARE, of all things. they’ve had to turn people away, people who have always relied on PP for these services. sounds pretty pro-life, right?

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