Drought Over!

So the drought of movies worth a shit that has lasted over a month is now finally over.  I caught some free tix to a sneak preview of Dave Chappelle’s Block Party and it is off the friggin meathook!

Where to start?  I don’t know.  It is too awesome.  I guess, based on the talk that we’ve had here, that the fact my man Mos Def is prominently featured should be a good enough opening.  Not only does he perform, but he is interviewed multiple times, teams up with Talib Kweli to form the Voltron of the rap world, Black Star, and actually does schticky comedy with Dave.

What else?  How about the Fugees reuniting?  Sound good enough? How about Big Daddy Kane showing up and rocking the mic?  Not enough for you?  How about Erykah Badu singing so hard she loses her wig?

There were some performers I didn’t know, too.  My new favoritest singer is Jill Scott, who has pipes that any cathedral could use for their organ. She tears the place up with the Roots in tow. A big, beautiful sister, I’d give her a shoulder rub (*wink*) if she asked for it.

The editing, production, and timing of the film are excellent.  It is not a comedy film, but there’s plenty of funny shit.  It is not a concert film, because maybe one-third of it is music, but the performances are captured with skill.  It is honestly a documentary about a block party Dave Chappelle throws, and it works.

Even folks who aren’t big into rap would probably enjoy it.  Courtney, whom I’ve made listen to Black Star maybe 40 times, yet just an hour ago discovered that ‘Talib Kweli’ is not an urban expression, but a man who shares the stage with Mos Def, enjoyed herself greatly.  She has always had much love for Wyclef Jean, and said that even folks with no love for hip-hop should find enough here to make it worth a trip to the theater.

The only negative part as I see it is the inclusion of Kanye West.  I think he sucks donkey penis.  Everyone else who showed up (besides the Fugees) are underappreciated in their art. I thought it was great that Dave was giving them a national stage – one that Kanye doesn’t need. To be fair, the movie was shot in September 2004 while I was deployed, so maybe KW was not yet the incredibly popular sellout shitbag he is now.

Grade: A-. (A+ without Kanye ‘GBDCABP ‘ West)

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  1. Oh, sista girl, you gotta catch up on the Jill Scott tip.

    She had a solo thing that was out at least a couple years ago, but it was only fairly good as I recall. Where she really shines is on stage with the Roots — that combo always turns out amazing. (There was a Roots concert show floating around MTV2 a while back that featured Jill shaking the rafters on one song. She’s also on one track on the “Come Alive” disc.)

  2. kanye a sell-out shitbag? no no, my friend. just incredibly dopey. listen to the skits on college dropout for clarification. he’s a good producer, but he might as well be stone cold rhymin’ when it comes to making his own records.

  3. I’m wondering if kanye dressed up as mohamed on Rolliong Stone magazine, would the outcry have been different? What would the world’s reaction be to him saying he should be in the Koran? Damnit, bad Shay. No politicing a Chapelle post!

  4. more importantly, i got an advance of the soundtrack to the movie. I’ma start listening tomorrow. Tonight, I must rawk…

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