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Tomorrow and Saturday I am going to be helping with my office move. Normal office move is a pain in the ass, new business cards, packing all your shit, throwing stuff out. More fun than that, I get to help (but thank G-d not responsible for) server moves. Moving the entire network and servers is a giant ball busting experience. If all goes well, I will make it home in time on Satuday night for Kin-Girl’s mid-way ‘tween birfdays dinner party.

She is making her now famous ribs. (Kinyah, can I get a testify?) Here’s the thing though, in her crowd, when someone would throw a party, everyone would BYOB. Miss X drinks Vodka and coke, she would supply her own of both. Rachel wants Hard Ice Tea, she hits a packy on the way.

Me, on the other hand… If kinyah invites me down for a party, I know there will be at least one kind of normal beer, and one set of light beer. The only time I would bring alcohol to Seans is if I called and said, “Can I bring anything” to wit he replied “Bring a couple of cases of beer” – for everyone.

Rachel knows I hate not being a good host (even in my absence) in tried to find out what everyone drank, which has led now to a shopping list of varieties of alcohols. This is going a bit too far methinks.

My thought is you have a standard fair, vodka, rum, whiskey/scotch, regular beer, light beer, red wine, white wine. Regular could be Sam Adam’s or Pete’s. Light could be Coors light or Bud light, etc… You should be a good host. If it is themed of sorts, you provide appropriately, ie – wine with italian, marguerita’s with mexican, etc…

How do y’all do it? What category do you find your social circle in? Everyone BYOB, hosts usually provide a good assortment (and if your super wicked anal you bring your own, fucking snob) or drink orders are taken ahead of time?

Mind you, most of us aren’t college kids. What’s that status for us 30 somethings who don’t realize they are full on grownups yet?

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  1. I wanted to work in a reference/link to Jake’s drinking of the VODKA. However, I could not find a way to properly word it where it might not be interpreted as an insult, or having been taken as an insult, or some such. My point is, Jake would always be a gracious host, and the VODKA celebrates life, so I am proud he shared it with friends. Also, we must be careful when reading what has been written, the inflection of what is in our mind does not always what others read.

    And when we read we always don’t think to listen to it in the voice it could have been intended.

    Not that I think that happened recently. Here. or Here. or Here.

  2. Our liquor stocks are becoming the stuff of legend ’round these parts.
    Because of that, folks will usually either come as they are or bring a sixer of their favorite beer. We’ve had folks bring their own Capt Morgan & Cokes, but then the booze gets left here for next time.

    Generally, we aspire to be the “hosts with the most”: When we do our “Family Dinners” (as demonstrated in the above-linked VODKA pic), we tell people to bring ony “your appetite” with anything else being purely optional and voluntary. But that is only practical for the rare occasion.

    My poker nights, by contrast, require folks to bring their own beer and to chip in cash for pizza.

  3. Re poker night, I would think that’s only fair. Either the game rotates and the host must provide, or everyone chip in if it stays in one spot. Unless the host is taking a rake, in which they should provide (if the rake is big enough.)

    If you were going to a party Jake, would you expect their to be a palatable small assortment of drinks to choose from or would you automatically stop and grab a six pack?

  4. Both.

  5. douche

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