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Out of respect for Miracles’ apparent wishes and opinion, author shall not use first-person singular nor name for fear of being seen as egotistical maniac with no desires outside of increasing own self-importance.  Author wishes to express apologies in advance for any form of arrogance or ego creeping into post.  Author is mud on shoe.

Libertarian breakthrough, of a sort:

Banks give away millions of dollars in charitable donations and loan guarantees to the underserved each year, but BB&T may have just become the first bank in recent memory to withhold money from developers who don’t line up with the bank’s view of eminent domain law.

The North Carolina-based bank, which employs more than 28,000 people in 1,400 branches in 11 states, announced last month that it would no longer approve loans for developers who want to pursue commercial enterprises on land seized by the government using the power of eminent domain, or taking private property for public use.

The ultimate demonstration of libertarianism, whether intentional or not.  Using capitalist forces to disagree with something threatening liberty, rather than lobbying government.  Author thanks Fark for pointing author to article on normally-shitty, as author is dirt under heel of internet forces with no desire to seem petulant with overbearing analysis, indicating an undeserved sense of self, allowing one to use the first-person singular with narcissistic abandon.

~ by kinshay on 2006-02-27.

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  1. I was also happy to see tons of state legislatures are enacting laws against this type of thing.

    States rights! w00t!

  2. And I agree, Foxnews is the worst of the news sites. I prefer MSNBC.

  3. I didn’t realize how much worse had become. More importantly though, finally someone has a reaction against that insane ruling last year.

  4. Every time they try to improve the site it gets worse. CNN is kicking their online ass.

  5. douche

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