Ich Habe Eine Frage

This is probably violating all manner of protocols for teh internets, but I have a question for Jake.

How do you react, viscerally, to the politcal musings of the Clan Corcoran? I am thinking specifically of the slightly right-wing bend of our discourse. Hell, lets extend it beyond Jake. What do other folks who weren’t raised on Woodlawn Street think? (Joe da Yuz, Jenn, et al.)
As a way of alleviating any fear you have of your blogmates being fascist Bushitler lovers, I must say that there are two kinds of libertarians: those who were Republicans and said to themselves, “If we don’t want the gubmint interfering, then why do we care about gay marriag we?” and those who were Democrats and said, “I don’t want the government to tell me what to do with my body and speech, so why should I let them determine what I should do with my money, etc.?”

Based on our dearly departed father’s influence, we all came from the former school of thought. The Late Michael never once said he was a Republican before I was in high school, but I have realized lately that he let it creep into conversations and discourse without ever actually saying it.

I guess my point is: ex-Repub libertarians still tend to get ornery about issues of national security and taxes, whilst ex-Demos get ornery about civil liberty-type stuff, so anyone reading our rantings should have a grain of salt ready for tossing.

PS: That’s right, I implied three Corcoran libertarians. Seamus and I became libertarians in the early ’90s, totally independent of each other. It was quite a bonding point, since up until ’94 or so, we despised each the other. The big deal is that Sean confided to me not a week ago that he is about a full-fledged libertarian (again, probably violating teh internets protocols).

Cheers! and please respond below for anyone who wasn’t a registered repub at the age of 18.

~ by kinshay on 2006-02-24.

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  1. My visceral response is generally bafflement and/or confusion. Occasionally, I am unable to comprehend the logic behind a certain position you hold, which leads me to believe you must be completely starkers.

    If I can “see where you’re coming from” (but just happen to disagree), that’s fine. Sometimes I can’t work it out, though.

  2. And yeah, based on your descriptions, you might as well call me an ex-Dem lib — even though I’ve never affiliated myself with any particular political party, I’ve obviously always leaned leftward.

  3. I love the venom and I demand more. Keep waxing about guns and bombing the Middle East back into the stone age. Seriously. I enjoy reading varying points of view (right or left), so the Clan Corcoran musings have never annoyed and or otherwise bothered me.

    Political affiliation: Registered independent and armchair anarchist.

  4. “but enough about me. what do YOU think about me?”

    buy a fucking mirror douche. glad to see the narcissism lobe wasn’t damaged by asphalt induced rapid deceleration.


  5. Get a room, you two.

  6. Speaking of getting ornery about civil liberty-type stuff

  7. my visceral reaction is that i want to kick you in the face. then strangle you.

    i admit i’m not one of those non-violent anarchists.

  8. I think I saw boobson here once, so I kept coming back. I don’t usually read what you have to say.

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