Take a deep breath. I just discovered, quite by accident, that my new favoritest network, FX, has ordered a pilot from Eddie Izzard.

This is indicative of the cultural creep of Britain into the US. Why can’t they keep us isolated from their humor? If it weren’t for Ricky Gervais, Monty Python, and Eddie Izzard, I could continue to bear a silly grudge against the UK for that whole oppression of my people thing.

~ by kinshay on 2006-02-23.

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  1. Oh dear… This could be soooo good, but I’m preparing to be disappointed.
    But Jaysus… Minnie Driver and Eddie Izzard?!

  2. There were several shows I was hoping would turn out well: Bones, My Name is Earl, The (American) Office, and they all sucked donkey phallus. There is no way that Eddie would disappoint me like others (I’m looking at you, David Boreanaz).

  3. Many, many people disagree with you regarding the ‘Merican Office. (I have no opinion as I can’t stand to watch either version of the show — too close to home for me.)

  4. Everything I loved about the British version is ruined in the American version. The British version was great because it wasn’t gimmicky, sitcommy, or too obvious in its jokes. The American one…not so much. And I’ve watched 4 eps of that mofo, so I gave it an honest-to-christ shot. It sucks dill.

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