Come On….

While this may seem outwardly funny, I seriously find it cruel and disturbing.

US News Article |
Melissa Huff, an Arcadia High School student who uses a $16,000 prosthetic limb to play softball for the school team and another one, valued at $12,000, for everyday use, said both were taken from her bedroom on Tuesday.

“I was picking up my little brother from school when my mom called me and asked where I left the two prosthetic legs,” Huff, who lives in the Los Angeles suburb of Temple City, told Reuters in an interview.

“I knew right then that it had happened again.”

A co-worker suggests adding a GPS tracker to the legs. When you find the thieves, break their knees.

Update: The stolen limbs have been returned. No leads…

~ by kinshay on 2006-02-17.

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  1. i volunteer to administer the beating when they find this scumbag. a speedbagging worthy of kalani english time ten.

  2. Whoever done it should get speedbagged, then castrated, then speedbagged in the face with his detached testes.

  3. It’s the “again” that really gets me here. She only lost her leg two years ago and she’s had the prosthetics stolen *twice* already – wtf? I am finding it hard to think of a more heinous crime than taking someone’s limbs away. I am also finding it hard to type right now, because my eye has caught something just to the right of this text window…Gentleman’s Glossary? Something tells me there’s nothing gentlemanly about it :-P.

  4. There is a special place in hell for motherfuckers that steal prosthetic limbs.

  5. i think the again part is that she lost her legs ‘again’. not that she has lost her wooden ones twice.

    is it wrong to only see the humor in this story?

  6. No the prosthetics were stolen twice. The first time they were found in a neighbor’s yard (as I recall — too lazy to reclick the link).

  7. It is hard to follow with the plural, so here it is:

    She had one leg amputated after being hit by a car

    Months ago her prosthetic leg was stolen, found recently in her own back yard (just a funny joke right? fuckers)

    This time, she had her everyday limb, and her special softball playing high activity limb stolen. She is only missing one physical leg, but had two prosthetics for different applications.

  8. i think the trick is to read the comments in the post, ignore the story and giggle. though i did laugh at the story itself, but that’s just because i have a tough time meeting chicks.

  9. see “update”

  10. it sounds like the time all of the neighborhood kids put cake batter in a hated neighbor’s pool one hot summer’s day. The hated neighbor blamed it on some stoner douchebag from down the street, saying that he witnessed the stoner throwup in the pool. It’s actually not like that at all, but for some reason triggered that memory.

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