Libertarian Dilemma

So I just got into watching Grey’s Anatomy, based on the repeated exhortations of Kristen.  Last night there was a spiel about organ donation, getting permission from a John Doe’s theoretical wife/parents, et al.  So here’s what I posed to Courtney: Rather than requiring someone to say they are willing to donate their organs, why not require someone to say that they aren’t willing to donate their organs?  Shouldn’t it be someone’s responsibility to spell out their unwillingness to give up their empty husk in order to save lives?  I don’t have any statistics that say how many people are willing to donate vs. those who have a religious/moral/personal objection and that, but it seems to me that once you’re kicked, you don’t need that shit anymore.

The dilemma for me is, does this violate someone’s rights?  Do rights extend beyond death?  Is it the state getting the organs, or he hospital?  Discuss below. 

~ by kinshay on 2006-02-16.

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  1. Well, you can’t default to “Yes” on organ donation because enough religions, etc., have rules/ideals against “desecration” of the body that they could then claim discrimination/persecution.

  2. as a libertarian, i would think that everything is “opt in”

  3. So all three brothers who vote are now officially libertarians, eh? My point was, when do one’s rights expire: when the person expires, or at the end of time? That is the dilemma. As a libertarian, I’m all about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but once I’m an ex-person (thanks, Python), do my rights continue, or does someone else’s rights to life and the pursuit of happiness carry more weight, since I have neither?

  4. I’d say once you’re an ex-person, it becomes a matter of the next of kin’s rights and/or liberties.

  5. I believe your body becomes part of your estate. Your directives in your will supercede the desires of your relatives I think.

    besides, there are special considerations with human bodies, even though they are just meat. You can’t dispose of it the way you would a dog, you can’t sell a kidney when your alive, etc…

    Since your body is part of your estate, ((Genius)) we have a new estate tax! Your body must donate at least one organ to research or transplanting.

  6. My jewish roots say I shouldn’t desecrate the body g-d gave me but I think g-d would smile upon sharing if it meant saving a worthy life.

  7. Which, really, is why opt-in has to be the way. No karma points if you don’t make the choice yourself. 😉

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