Yeah … Fuck Smokers

Yeah, they always call in sick, and they take all those extra breaks. Fuck em. – News – Councilman Wants To Ban Smokers From City Jobs
Current workers would not lose their jobs but applicants would be asked about tobacco use and smokers would be dropped from consideration, according to the report.

The reason given for the policy is to cut on health care costs, according to the report.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said smokers ring up $1,600 more per year in medical bills than nonsmokers and they miss more days of work.

A final decision on the policy is months away, according to the report.

And parents! Especially Moms. Fuck moms. Their snot nosed lil bastards get sick, they have to stay home! Fuck moms, I ain’t hiring them. And Vietnamese! I bet I could find me a study that shows how them damned vietnamese are always late! Ya know, cause of the 2 other jobs they work so hard at. They don’t deserve no city jobs! Fuck them too.

Tell you what spanky, why don’t you start with the drinkers, then talk to me. Even when I do bang in sick, I don’t really cause I work from home. Suck my balls. I can find a reason to not hire any group you want, why not take on the moms or blacks or jews, or some other bullshit. What? Oh, thats not politically worth while, but fucking with smokers is? Fuck you.

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  1. they do take more breaks and, if they don’t get the break to sate the addiction, their withdrawal can make them difficult to work with. and you can look at me all you want and tell me that you can go an entire day without a smoke or something like that and i’ll tell you that you’re full of shee-hat. i used to think about this every time i’d take a 10 minute break for a smoke when i was a partaker in that pleasure.

  2. they really need to crack down on the chronic masturbaters. inevitable they suffer from carpal tunnel, their shirt are untucked and they take way more breaks than the regular jerk-offs.

  3. i guess it’s all about bad choices? kinyabrutha, how’d ya like the CD?

  4. I used to smoke and still occasionally imbibe and I say fuck the smokers! Handle your addictions the way most functioning addicts do; on your lunch hour, before and after work. It’s not your employers problem you’re hooked on the dirt sticks. Boo-fucking-hoo! You didn’t get an hourly dose of nicotine. Guess what asshole? I didn’t either BECAUSE I WAS FUCKING WORKING.

    Kin: I don’t think you can compare being exclusionary with smokers to race. Smoking is different because you have a choice on whether you want to smoke or not; whereas you can’t decide what color of skin you’ll have. The parenthood thing presents a tricky conundrum, because being a parent is based on choice, too. I understand your argument; you crack down on smokers than what’s next? I like to think most employers wouldn’t assume having kids is detrimental to job performance, but I’m sure there are some real pricks out there who would.

  5. Matt, given my past rants, I could see how you thought I was taking the slippery slope argument. Actually, I was going for the who it is okay to discriminate against angle. Not the who’s next, but the why is it ok to hate a smoker? Why is it ok to assume they can’t wait til they’re break to smoke? You would never see a policy of asking is someone a parent and wholesale rejecting them on that basis alone.

    Hell, ask if they are planning a wedding. You want to talk about expected lost time for extra phone calls and emails… Ditch them right off the bat. If you are so hooked on cigarettes you are away from your desk when you shouldn’t be, get fired. If you are away from your desk on your cell phone talking to your friends too much, same thing. At least people with cell phones will get past the initial questionaire.

    Explain to me the worries of higher “healthcare cost.” My company doesn’t pay my hospital bills, it pays a flat rate for my insurance. I pay X amount on top of that. Whether I never see my doctor, or go to the hospital for 4 major surguries, they don’t pay extra. As for the cost over a lifetime, see previous post.

    As for sick days, you are allotted X many per year. Bang in sick too much, get fired. That simple. Who bangs in sick more often, smokers or parents?

    It’s more than okay to discriminate against smokers, it’s being brave. Standing up to the evil tobacco companies and those filthy smokers. It’s also illegal to ask a woman if she plans on becoming pregnant and taking 8 weeks maternity leave. ILLEGAL. EIGHT WEEKS. Now, it should be illegal to ask those types of questions, and to discriminate that way. My point is smokers can legally and loudly be discriminated against.

  6. I don’t think it should be illegal. If you’re participating in an act that will put you out of work for 2 months, never mind the time off previous to birth, then that’s a fireable offense!

  7. Based on our lively debate I googled “health care costs of smokers” and I came accross this link:

    It appears that health care costs of covering a smoker evens out over time (i.e. once the smoker kicks and the non-smoker lives another 30 years and bleeds the system dry with check-ups, colonoscopys, dialysis, etc).

    As for the “why it’s okay to hate a smoker” maxim: my guess is smokers are vilified because of the public health issue. Smoking is one of the few drugs that directly harms anyone within the vicinty. My future sister-in-law used to work in the respitory ward at a Denver hospital and tells me she encountered mostly two types of patients: lifelong smokers and people married to lifelong smokers that never smoked a day in their life.

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