When Two TiVos Aren’t Enough

I have a buddy at work who is really, really into home video, bittorrent, etc. If I have a flat screen, DLP, LCD, codec transcoding type of question, I go to him. When he talks equipment, I listen. He found a gem.

He bought one of these, tested it out, and gave me the go ahead.
It is essentially a dvd player, that plays DVD, VCD and SVCD. It is special because you can also burn any Xvid or DIVX file right to a disc, pop it in, and it presents a menu (a really lame menu) of what files are on the disc. It then plays the afore mentioned files!

You might not be getting this. You don’t have to transcode the video, you just straight up burn it and it plays beautifully. Most of the shows, if not all, I download from torrents are either Xvid or Divx. A lot of torrents have the encoding in the file name (24.Se3.ep13.DiVX.avi) or for me, when I installed the Divx codecs it puts an icon in my taskbar when I play them using media player.

KinYahBrutha for some unknown reason has never hooked up his 20 hour tivo. He gets most of his shows on torrent, then is stuck watching them upstairs on his computer. Being a stay at home mom his time up there is limited, and he often gets backed up on his viewing requirements. He is also a cheap fuck who considers the needs of his family before his own pleasures. Knowing this, Da Kine and I gave him one. Now he can watch things comfortably on the tv, with his wife if it is a show she likes. Kin-Girl and I get to watch the episodes of 24 we missed together on the tv, instead of cramped around my laptop.

Quality of the video on screen is better than Tivo on medium quality, not quite Tivo high quality. My buddy at work had issues with a full disc, it having artifacts on the later tracks, with track 11 (of 11 full shows filling the disc) not playing at all. I have not tried full discs yet, but from KinYah (and yes, this is how we talk to each other in private communications, it’s not a front for the site):

kinyah bruthas,

the new divx playah is wicked pissah.

i just watched 8 lost episodes between last night and tonight. there were some audio issues toward the end of the last two episodes, probably two-thirds of the way through. (there were 2.39 gig of data burned to the dvd). the audio was mp3. the issue was a quarter to half second of pre-lay (as opposed to delay)where the sound came slightly before the picture moved.

however, on a nearly full disc of battlestar episode, i fast forwarded to the last ten minutes of the last episode and the sound was okay. go figure. the video size, data rate compression and audio wree the same for both lost and battlestar. quirky.

alright, off to bed then.
hasta manana pusserinos

So maybe my buddy had a bad burn, or whatever. Fact is, with a DVD-RW you can burn a few shows, watch them, then wipe it and burn more.

Divx also has a Video on Demand section. They talk about partners, but I can only find Greencine, which is a netflix ripoff with a hard to find, limited Divx section. I may grow out at some point, which would be nice. I would rather use my bandwidth and burn a movie than go to blockbuster.

If you use torrent, this is definitely worth the $70 investment. If you are not too bad a tv junkie, better this than tivo.

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